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Asultancy started with a tech-savvy entrepreneur who really wanted to make a positive change in how businesses use technology worldwide.


Asultancy’ was established in 2018 under the visionary leadership of Asrafur Rahman Arnob, driven by the fundamental belief that challenges serve as catalysts for innovation. We specialize in proficient problem-solving and solution discovery. We cordially invite you to collaborate with us as we address your IT challenges collectively. Indeed, ‘Asultancy’ stands as a distinguished institution where achievement converges with ingenuity.

Our mission is clear: to empower individuals and businesses with our digital knowledge. We strive to be more than just a service provider. We aim to be a catalyst for positive change in the tech world. The company’s motto, “a long-term relationship, not just a service,” reflects its dedication to building lasting partnerships with its clients.

Our Founder and CEO, Asrafur Rahman Arnob, guides Asultancy with his exceptional decision-making,leadership, and IT strategy skills. Asrafur Rahman brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, with a background as a trained IT specialist from BCTI and a business graduate from IIUM. With 7 years of hands-on experience in the IT industry, he leads the organization with a clear vision and a passion for innovation.


About Arnob Asultancy CEO

The Pillars of Our Expertise

Asultancy thinks challenges are just chances to be creative. Thus Asultancy becomes a cool place where ideas flow, innovations spark, and experts shine. We love turning problems into cool solutions! Lets Join us with your digital destination to shape the future together.

The Pillars of Our Expertise

At Asultancy, we don’t just deliver projects; we craft digital settlement. Our commitment goes beyond the lines of code and pixels. We turn your digital dreams into a lasting reality.

Digital Solutions: From software development to digital marketing, we offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Already in the aforementioned section, we mentioned our available services for our clients. So you can take every sorts of digital solutions from our experts.

Consultancy with Impact: Consultancy is the roadmap to success. We don’t just give advice; we do more. We provide actionable insights, data-driven strategies, and hands-on guidance to drive your digital endeavours. In a word,we consult with you so that both (we and you) can pull the project up.

Educational Initiatives: We are committed to sharing our insights with the world through educational initiatives, trainings, workshops, and a robust blog that serves as a knowledge hub for tech enthusiasts.We believe that, without proper training & knowledge sharing no body can handle a project smoothly.

We help you build a special remote team just for you at Asultancy. It’s not just services; it’s creating a tech team that rocks your success. It’s even not only about outsourcing; it’s about an excellent tech team that perfectly aligns with your goals.Your goals, your resource, your success – we make it happen together!

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